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Testimonials and Reviews - Mom's Place

I am a very picky eater who found out 6 years ago I have celiac. I have not found any Mac & cheese that has any flavor to it. So when I made your Mac & cheese it just tantalized my taste buds. I love the flavor it had and held together really well.
I can’t wait to order more of your Mac & cheese. So if I like your Mac and cheese, and you have picky eaters please order this item and you won’t be sorry

- Jennifer Crandall
Nov 27, 2020

Dear Momsplace,

We had the best Thanksgiving and we are thankful for you! We just recently found your products that are far superior to other gluten free products on the market. Our son has egg and nut allergies as well and these products are safe for him. We look forward to our next shipment!

- Jill Pitz

 Hi - I have been gluten free for the past 15 years and have hated every minute of it as the food always had a different taste and just did not taste like "people food".  No matter how much people raved about how good this gluten free brand or that gluten free brand tasted, it did not remind me of what food tasted like when I was growing up.  Then I found your site by accident and boy! what a difference.  I ordered a bunch of stuff and this weekend made the apple pie with crumble topping and I was blown away! Absolutely no aftertaste and made me very happy!

Now I want to make everything I ordered RIGHT NOW!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Donna W.

Jennifer Barbrick

I am personally not gluten free but my husband has celiac and is gluten free. We have never had your products but am very interested in trying all of them. Lol. He saw the cinnamon rolls and started drolling.

- Jennifer Barbrick

Julie Cheney

All of them! They offer such wonderful and easy snacks and dinners. Thank you!!

- Julie Cheney


We have not been able to eat this good since we where diagnosed with celiac. Thank you so much.

- Lisa

natalie gassman

all of Mom’s Place products are my favorite. i’ve never tried one that i didn’t absolutely love, and eat all of right away. i’ve had celiac for 5 years and i’ve never been able to say this, i can’t even tell it’s gluten free. Mom’s Place Gluten Free products don’t have that usual “sandy” texture or the “crumble issue” as i like to call it. my boyfriend is quite familiar with gluten free foods and he couldn’t tell the difference. Mom’s Place helps me feel confident in my gluten free diet, and i don’t have to worry about being disappointed after making a recipe. they are easy and my go-to brand for my life on the road.

- natalie gassman

Catie O’Rourke

Mom’s place was a godsend! Eating gluten free after my diagnosis with Celiac was very difficult. Living in NYC, my diet consisted mainly of bagels, pizza, and Italian bread. Giving that all up cold turkey seemed impossible. Slowly I began to find decent substitutes for all of my favorites, but soft pretzels and cinnamon buns eluded me. Then I found Mom’s! Now I’m complete!

- Catie O’Rourke


We love your Gluten Free Onion Soup mix. We use it for crock pot meals. Pop in a roast, carrots, potatoes, wine and your soup mix. Leave it on the counter when you leave for work. Come home and dinner is ready!

- Marian

Linda stark

Lemon bars, I love them and these don’t make me sick.

- Linda stark

Mom place made our thanksgiving last year with the gluten free crescent rolls
First time in 12 years for my sister

- Pam Burris

Shari childs

I am extremely grateful to this amazing company. I am allergic to wheat and suffer from RA and love the variety they offer to make it so I don't feel deprived of everyday foods. The complete meals such as gnocci soup is an absolute favorite. Thank you.

- Shari childs

Robin L Jones

The Moms Best Rolls were the BEST rolls I've at had in the 15 years I've been gluten free. They treated exactly like regular rolls and were just OMG deliciousness! I finally am able to have rolls again with my family! Thank you! Thank you!

- Robin L Jones

Jillian Smith

The cream based soups are excellent. We use them for our holiday casseroles and it’s so nice that you just reconstitute what you need so you can taylor the size of the casserole. You have saved holiday dinners

- Jillian Smith

Nicole Frick

My favorite product is the cream of chicken soup. For a long time we avoided recipes with cream of chicken soup that we used to make all the time before our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac. Now I order them by the dozen. Other gluten free cream soups are so watery.

- Nicole Frick


Cinnamon rolls, I've looked now for 4+ years both online and in-stores and never have come across this product until I literally searched and read soooo many different review of gf products of this type online and this one came highly recommended so I gave it a try and wasn't disappointed.


Mom's Place Gluten Free products have helped my family come together and enjoy gluten free meals. We've tried many brands of gluten free products and it has deterred my family from having gluten free meals with me. Other gluten free brands just aren't very good. I have to eat gluten free but my family does not and with Mom's we can enjoy eating meals all together. Often with gluten free products the taste is off, texture is horrible, it's dry and crumbly,or just not healthy for you. It's very difficult to find a brand to be your go to.
After using Mom's Gluten Free products, I get to enjoy my cravings of things I couldn't have. Mom's has truly helped me not give in to the temptation of eating gluten while missing the foods I couldn't have. So being gluten free for a while now, my eczema is gone, and I can feel and see the difference in my body. Being gluten free I noticed my skin and lips hves more color to them where I felt very lack luster before. I don't get the stomach pains I often got before and my digestive issues are just better.
I do have to say I love many of Mom's Gluten Free products. If I had to pick just one, it would be the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin mix. My favorite cookies were always the pumpkin chocolate chip ones and these muffins are my indulgence. I'll probably look into his too concert them into cookies. I also love the mixes and products I've tried because they are very simple to make. Thank you Mom's! This is the family you helped enjoy gluten free!

- Jillian Capton

Toniann alter

I have not bought anything I did not absolutely love! That said there are two products that top my favorites list. I love the mini apple pies because they remind me of my childhood. My Mimi brought me packaged apple pie pastries when she visited. I would often Pick one up as an adult for a bit of nostalgia. But 15 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac and my trips down memory lane stopped. The black licorice has been a life saver! I have had heartburn for the past three months despite being on twice daily omeprazole. Nothing was helping until I bought your licorice. First sign of breakthrough Anita and I suck on two or three licorice bites and relief! Thank you for the products you provide!

- Toniann alter

Diane Stuart

It’s a tossup between the soft molasses cookies and the Apple crisp and bake. Both are huge hit with a family, the taste is absolutely off the hook and not having any gluten is awesome! Can’t say enough about each of the products I have tried, they have all been amazing! Let’s not forget the beef stroganoff, we used cauliflower rice instead of pasta and it was a perfect combination

- Diane Stuart

Katie Haushalter

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with celiac disease. We always made or had dinner rolls ar family gatherings/holidays so when I found the crescent roll mix I was over the moon. They are very yummy! The texture, the look, how they taste ... all is so good! And I can't wait to try the other items Mom's makes.

- Katie Haushalter

Cynthia Lowry

I have had a total colectomy and now follow a low FODMAP diet. I am looking for good gluten free bread and cake mixes.

- Cynthia Lowry

Lana Howard

I was very pleased with our first order. I was able to make a homemade chicken pot pie using the blue ribbon piecrust. This was the first time I have been able to make it just like we used to have before my son was diagnosed with celiac‘s. It’s great to eat “normal “again for a teenage boy.

- Lana Howard

Anjanette Treadway

My son and I both have celiacs. Finding great tasting, quality substitutes for our favorites is hard. Mom's Place has given us a great variety that tastes good and we can enjoy our favorites again. THANK YOU!!

- Anjanette Treadway


After being diagnosed with celiac in March of 2018 I was so happy to find delicious gluten free food from Mom’s Place. From snacks, to dinners, and desserts, everything I’ve tried has been amazing!

- Rebecca

Sheri Aleksander

So glad there are finally more choices for us Celiac's

- Sheri Aleksander

Anna Allen

This is my first holiday season gluten free. I madecornbread sausage stuffing using your coenbread mix; I made dinner rolls using your Dinner Roll mix. these were a hit with my husband and our non-gf guests. Thank you for your products. I just received my latest order from you.

- Anna Allen

Carrie Trenholm

I am so thankful for Mom’s place. My son is five years old and severely autistic and nonverbal alongside celiac disease. Celiac is so much harder when your child doesn’t understand what foods and why they make him sick. We have had to make our entire family of seven GF because of this- and your products are hands down the best of any we have tried. The kids all look forward to Mom’s Place orders to arrive!

- Carrie Trenholm

Mrs Carrie Keever

I love Mom’s place gluten free products, one of my favorite s is the bread sticks . They tasted so very good and as if I never went gluten free, the texture was crispy outside and fluffy inside !! So very good.

- Mrs Carrie Keever


My son in law was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and when his changed his diet to gluten free he got off all his meds!!!!! It saved his life!

- Alice

I found Mom's Place about 6 years ago, when my brother gave me mixes from the store when I had first been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The very next day my husband drove me out to the little shop next to a house where we were greeted by some very cute dogs. Since that very day Mom's place has been my favorite gluten-free store! It is the best gluten-free store that I have ever found. The mixes are super yummy, and take care of any craving I have for sweets that I cannot eat anymore. The cream of soup mixes are especially good and do not have a weird taste like other gluten-free cream soups! I live out of state and I order from them often. When I am in town to visit family, Mom's Place is the first store that I stop at & now they are on 17st Street and ship everything from there! Even, sometimes, as I come to Idaho Falls I go straight from the airport. If you're looking for gluten-free food that doesn't taste gluten-free, this is the store for you!

- Jan

I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.

- Jason Brandon

I love MOM's place! We live in Jackson, Wyoming and would love a place here. The store is the first place we stop every time we get a chance to go to Idaho Falls, ID. Love the warm welcome, the store is organized and clean, and always greeted with some fabulous food!

My mother is has Celiac and we as a family work very hard to help her and change our eatin. This is very difficult in a fast paced world when everything you do can lead to contamination to the next thing you put in your mouth. Mom's place has changed our eating and attitudes. Love, Love, Love Mom's Place. Thank you!!!

- Joey Moss

I have ordered from mom's place twicw now.shipping is always fast, but more importantly the pacageing is great and the food is right on spot. excellant taste, can't tell it's gf. i have even recommended to others. i will continue to get their products for a very long time!!!

- Dorthy

Kym Rossi

I have been a diagnosed Celiac for 7 years. During this time I can't tell you how many times I was disappointed in the products that I found trying to replace my go to recipes. About a year and a half ago while visiting my Aunt in Rigby Idaho, she told me about this store that everything in it was gluten free. I was skeptical. Upon entering I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of gluten free products they had. I was also surprised that they had a couple of their products ready to sample. I decided to purchase several things and try them to see if they would be good. Can I just tell you that that experience has changed my life. Everything from Mom's dinner rolls to the Chicken fingers to the cakes have been amazing. Just recently I tried the Key Lime Pie for the first time. Hands down, it is the best I have ever had!! I am so, so thankful to my Aunt first for telling me about Mom's Place and to Mom's Place for working so hard to create food that tastes amazing and that texturally is pleasing. It has made being Celiac so much easier. Also, I am so impressed with how quickly the packages come in the mail. A real Life Changer for me!! Sincerely, Kym Rossi

- Kym Rossi

I have been getting your mixes for a few years for my husband but have to tell you the buttermilk biscuit mix needs some rewording.  It states “should make 9-10 biscuits ” are you kidding me , heck no , it makes 36 generous spoon drop biscuits

I take out six or so and then freeze the rest in zip lock bags then take out what he wants for soups and stews.

Also you can make them a cheesy biscuit-add 3/4-1cup grated cheese to the batter and bake the same

When baked brush with 1/2 cup melted butter and 1/2 tspoon garlic powder.

Really good , keep up the good recipes. Love the sour dough start even I eat that one and I’m not gluten free.

- Rosemary

- Rosemary Smith

Alicia hryhoruk

My girls love the muffins and the Pretzels and the bread too

- Alicia hryhoruk

Jennifer Arey

I love that I can send cakes and snacks to school with my daughter so she can enjoy treats alongside her friends on special occasions at school. She has Celiac Disease and can't have most of the treats her friends and classmates bring to school for birthdays and holidays. Thanks to Mom's Place, problem solved.

- Jennifer Arey

Darren Jon Taylor

Mom’s Place offers me the best GF products at really great prices. But the best part is how they review the food so that I can make better choices!

- Darren Jon Taylor

Meghan Curley/Glenn Aho

Anything we have tried we love...
Your pretzels are phenominal and taste great considering they are gluten free.
My boyfriend who is gluten free cooks for me now that I have found your site..can't wait to see what you have next.

- Meghan Curley/Glenn Aho


Cake! Real cake. Cake that tastes like cake! Cake that my husband will eat. That's what I've been looking for since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008. I found cake! WE love the Mom's Place Carrot Cake. I made it exactly according to the directions and it is delicious! YUM!

- Cindy

Nicole Goe

I was so excited when I heard about your store. My first trip too Idaho Falls I stopped to see what you had to offer. I was most impressed with all the products we haven’t been able to feed my daughter since her diagnosis...rolls, biscuits, cookies, etc. The licorice is her favorite. Before her diagnosis I loved to bake, but have been afraid to bake since, but my girl has been wanting chicken pot pie for months now, so time to get past my fears. Tonight I made her a chicken pot pie with your flour and I got thumbs up from everyone in the house. Thank you so much for this great alternative for GF shopping!

- Nicole Goe

Renee Galloway

Mom’s Place desserts have allowed me to entertain and feel social at gatherings. Because I like to cook, all the products ease the cost of purchasing special ingredients that are difficult to find. Recently I made the Boston Creme Donuts with my mini maker and were the perfect ending to a wonderful meal! Thank you!

- Renee Galloway

Jennifer Yirsa

Being the only gluten free person in my home I tend to not have too many treats anymore. I discovered your red licorice last year at the Arizona Gluten Free Expo and that has completely changed my world and actually made me feel “normal” again. I missed my favorite red vines and these not only took care of that but truely exceeded it. Can’t wait to try more of your products

- Jennifer Yirsa


Our offices take turns making lunches every Thursday. I needed a gluten free cream of celery soup for one of my favorite recipes and couldn't find it in any of our local stores. Thank goodness I found Mom's Place website. I made one dish with the store bought ingredients, then another with Mom's Place gluten free ingredients. Nobody could tell the difference. In fact, one of my co-workers said she thought the gluten free dish tasted better. I'm so grateful for this site. It's made my turn at the office lunches much easier and less expensive.

- Cory

Eleanor Suida

I have been gluten-free for five years and only this year found your website. My husband and I like red and black licorice so we decided to try your Scottie dogs. They were delicious! We are partial to the black licorice. It has a very good flavor but the red is very good too. Our Scotty Boy thanks you for givng his humans a treat! Thank you

- Eleanor Suida

I am a new customer and placed an order last week for my husband who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. We tried the Key Lime Pie last weekend and we both think that it’s the best Key Lime pie we’ve ever had (and I’m not even gluten intolerant.)  We’re anxious to try the rest of the products we purchased and will definitely order two more Key Lime pies for the pantry.

We also received our products within a couple days of ordering. Great products and great service!  Thank you.

- Conda S.

Rebecca Peirsol

My new favorite is the beef stroganoff.
I’ve been a loyal customer from the beginning.
Mom’s Place has brought normalcy back to my life after if was diagnosed with Celiac in 2011. Mom’s products are delicious and healthy alternatives to processed gluten free items that

- Rebecca Peirsol

Thank you for sending the egg replacer. My granddaughter and I had a great time baking and decorating donuts. Your scones are AMAZING! My family has requested I make them again. I did half orange cranberry and half fresh blueberry.   I just placed my second order. Thanks again.
Peggy D.

- Peggy D


I was recently diagnosed with celiac and it has made it hard to keep a family of 6 happy with the change. I ordered biscuits and gravy for mothers day because is a big deal to them on mothers day and since I couldn't have they were sad. We made the pretzels together as a family and they turned out so good.


Lisa Steerman

I am gluten free for 2 years now, I hate it but now I can eat the same foods as my family and feel good about it. I like the pudding and cake mixes that are offered, they taste just as good as regular food. Thank you for working hard for all of us celiac people.

- Lisa Steerman

Krista Viksnins

My favorite Mom's Place Gluten Free product is the Crescent Roll Mix. As a child, I grew up making these rolls from scratch, and not gluten free for every holiday. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 years ago, every year I tried to make a gf alternative unsuccessfully. I discovered these rolls for the 1st time at Christmas this year and absolutely love them. They taste exactly the same and bring back so many great childhood memories. Thank you, Mom's Place, for creating such a great product!

- Krista Viksnins

I am so thankful for your products. You make feeding my grandson, who is gluten free, easy. You have everything I need to make everything he needs so he doesn't feel left out when it comes to everyday food. He loves your donuts and can enjoy them when the others get donuts from the bakery. Pancake mix makes breakfast easy when he comes to stay overnight, and they are good also. Your products make the changes we have had to make easy. Thank you.

- Patricia Griffin I


I just ordered and tried the Gluten Free Red Licorice Scottie dogs. We have gluten free Scottie dogs in black licorice here in our local stores, but no red ones.I love red licorice, and I have been craving some for quite a while. Then I saw your web site, and that you had the red ones, so I ordered a 16 oz. bag. WOW! I was so surprised at how good they were. Just wished I could get them around here, so I could save on shipping. Even my husband that doesn't have to eat gluten free loved them!


I ordered some of your baking mixes for the first time a few weeks ago. I tried the pumpkin chocolate chip bread mix and it was the BEST GF pumpkin bread I have ever had. I have celiac and it has been a long time since I had something so good. Looking forward to trying the cinnamon rolls!

Great products, thank you!


- Angela

Kay R.

It made a fabulous King Cake.  Thank you for a great product!

- Kay R.


My 15 year-old son and I have Celiac Disease. He has never had stuffing/dressing and I haven’t had it in years. That was the reason I ordered the Thanksgiving kit and wow are we glad I did!!! Today was a Mom’s Place GF thanksgiving! We started the day with Pumpkin Harvest muffins and then had the stuffing, crescent rolls and gravy with our turkey. Everything was DELICIOUS!!! I have already placed another order! Thank you for making such delicious and high quality products.

- Vicki


I read about this site on a Facebook page. I was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago and as most people know eating gluten free is a struggle at first. There are always certain foods that I still miss. Carrot cake was one that I missed a ton so when I saw it on this website I had to try it. It is hands down the most amazing carrot cake I have ever had. My non GF family members love it too!! I’m so excited to have found this site. I also have cinnamon rolls and soft pretzels that I’m looking forward to trying. Thank you so much for an amazing product!!

- Jessica

Kym Rossi

I have Celiac disease. For many years I suffered not knowing why. I started eating Gluten Free six years ago. It has changed my life for good and bad. Good because my health has improved and bad because trying to find good food replacements has been really hard. BUT, then I found MOM'S PLACE!!
I have loved almost everything I have had. But, when I tried the dinner rolls I was amazed!! They were like the old kind I use to eat!! And I can also have Roast the way I use to make it because of your Onion Soup Mix! Thank you for filling a void in our Gluten Free lives. Ooh and your Licorice is amazing too. After, not having it for 6 years it has been such a treat!! Thank you!!!!

- Kym Rossi

Angela Porter

My 11 year old son has Celiac Disease and we are always trying to find him new foods that taste like "normal" foods is what he calls it. We have found that there is not 1 thing that we have ordered that he does not think is amazing. One thing that he has really missed is Bread sticks. Bread is the hardest thing I think we have had to deal with in regards to finding one that he really likes. He absolutely loved the bread sticks from Mom's Place. He also never thought he would have a boston crème donut again but Mom's Place came through again :)The next things to try and we already have them we just need to make them is the croissants and corn dogs. That will be this week.

- Angela Porter

Lorraine Anderson

I have two adult daughters who went gluten free after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The results have been thick beautiful hair, no skin rashes, reduced stomach bloat/pain, and most miraculously a resolution to infertility which gave me a grandbaby. Their favorite Mom's product is the sugar cookie mix. It's BETTER than my recipe. Thanks for making so many yummy things available for our family.

- Lorraine Anderson

My first order was favorites were everything! And my non-GF husband even admonished me to stay on my gf diet, could scarcely believe the soups and bread were gluten-free. He says an extra thank you for the jam. We both thank you for such good products. I will pass my info to all my gluten-free friends and family...expect another order from us very soon!

Your fans, Carrie & Family

- Carrie W

Good golly, Miss Molly, I just baked and served my wife her first loaf of "I can't believe it's not wheat, milk free" bread and yes, yes, yes, she loved it. "It's better tasting than any of the store bought breads" that we've tried plus the only none rice flour I could find had flax seeds which bothered her diverticulitis. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Daniel Messmer

I have been making my mother's lemon bars for years. Not ONE pre-packaged mix could touch that recipe. Mom's Place GF is absolutely delicious! I purchased at the Phoenix GF Expo. And I have now submitted my replacement order. I can't wait for it to get here. Thank you so much!

- Candace Bey


I am always looking to support companies that take on gluten-free because of a personal connection to Celiac disease and Mom’s Place Gluten Free is a small company founded by three Moms that is making great products.  My friends at Mom’s Place Gluten Free sent me a sampling of their products including: Pigs in a Blanket/Pizza Bits Mix, Sorghum Bread Mix, Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix, Onion Dip Mix, and Taco Seasoning.

While I was of course interested in sampling all of the products I received, the Pigs in a Blanket mix truly piqued my interest as I can safely say that I have not indulged in what was one of my favorite snack bites since my Celiac diagnosis.  I am sure that many of you out there know that good gluten-free dough is hard to find — particularly one that is pliable enough to work with and manipulate into the well-know pig in blanket wrapped shape without going all sticky and becoming a complete mess.  Well, Mom’s Place dough was not only easy to make (remember, I am completely baking challenged) but remained easy to work with until all the little piggies were wrapped.  These baked up a dream and had a wonderfully light texture and a muted flavor that was not at all doughy but rather crisp and flakey.  Pair it with some spicy mustard (or BBQ sauce) and you have a gluten-free version of a classic hors d’oeuvre that truly tastes like the real thing.

Next up was their Sorghum Bread Mix.  Now I have to admit I was never a fan of Sorghum as I always found the flavor to be not really to my liking when it was the main component of a product.  Mom’s Place however made me a convert.  First of all the prep is completely fool-proof and the bread rises absolutely perfectly and has a light and airy texture versus the well-known cakey gluten-free bricks that some mixes yield.  Mom’s Place bread yields a dark crispy crust and soft airy center.  While the flavor is indeed more on the nutty side it is actually extremely well-balanced so that you do not get the often dreaded sorghum aftertaste.

Snickerdoodles seem to be the gluten-free cookie du jour with most companies having the flavor in their repertoire and there are quite a few really good ones out there.  Yet, I have not really come across a mix for the flavor that was easy to make and tasted great.  Mom’s Place definitely met the bill and the cookies baked up perfectly — just slightly crispy the outside and soft on the inside.

It is no secret that I am a huge dip fan.  I love all types of dip but have a particular weakness for good onion dip.  Many of the traditional soup mixes out there contain gluten or have questionable ingredients so it has been a challenge to fine a dry base to make great dip with.  Mom’s Place dry mix comes in a small package but packs a big flavor punch.  I used a non-fat sour cream and added the dry mix and let it set for a bit in the refrigerator to allow the flavor to really come out (this dip was actually even better the next day).  The nice thing about this dip is that it was not overly salty as is often the case with dry mixes.

The final item I sampled was the taco seasoning mix.  I am a huge fan of tacos as they are a fast and easy meal option.  I do however tend to make my own base rather than using a dry mix so I was a bit weary of giving a mix a go.  I was actually very pleasantly surprised with this mix.  It has a very nice mix of spices that gave it a good flavor with the spice-level being very well-balanced without being overpowering.  I had a bit of the packet remaining and actually tossed it into some sour cream I had around and the mix made for a very nice taco-flavored dip (again, more flavorful the next day after the flavors melded).

Be sure to check out the Mom’s Place Web site for their complete product portfolio and to order online.  They also have tons of recipes and tips as well as their own blog on living gluten-free as a Mom.

- Gluten Free Mike


- Kris

Anna McElheney

This was my first time in Mom's Place.
The dinner rolls were great for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

- Anna McElheney

I love to make home made chicken and noodle
Soup. My family can't tell the difference from
Regular flour.

- Colleen Barney


I just found out about Mom's. The food all looks delicious! I have not had licorice for 7 years so I will be ordering some soon. Thanks for making good gluten free food. Can't wait to try some and tell my friends.

- karen

Brandy Maxwell

I absolutely love your products. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and can't have any wheat or soy products. Through your website I have been able to find lots of products that I can use to cook with and make things for my family that I did before I was diagnosed. I have been able to eat more normal things thanks to your products. I have not gotten a product that I didn't like from your company! You guys are amazing! My kids don't even know they are eating gluten free.

- Brandy Maxwell

Lynn Currell

Mom's Place is the only gluten free Cream of Potato soup that I could find for my son who cannot tolerate wheat products. The soup tastes good and my son was so happy that we finally found this soup.
Thank you Mom's Place for being there when we need you!!

- Lynn Currell

Kimi Bowdish

Oh my gosh, bought your cinnamon rolls to make for christmas morning. I was a little sceptical as they weren't "roll out" cinnamon rolls. I didn't have bun pan, but used a ling skinny round pan I had. They turned out so doft and yummy! I am the only g.f. person in the family.The whole pan was gone in minutes. I did add walnuts. Next time I am going to put half in pan, then put half of brown sugar mixture inside. I didn't use the frosting packet, but used butter intead. Ordering one for each family member!
I have been gluten free for a year because if autoimmune disease. BEST BREAD I have had in a year!

- Kimi Bowdish

Carlyse Crowther

Mom's Place products have enabled us to cook more of our favorite recipes gluten free. I had the hardest time finding gf oats for my daughter's favorite cookies. We also love the treat of red licorice. My daughter is gf due to her migraine headaches and your site is helping make life more enjoyable! Thank you!

- Carlyse Crowther

My husband has celiac disease and my daughter has a wheat allergy. Your product has allowed to carry on our Christmas morning tradition of having cinnamon rolls. They're so tasty! Thank you!

- Emily Purcell

Barb Fox

For years I have missed out on my daughter-in-law's perfect pot roast - until I found Mom's Place onion soup mix! I have been pretty successful converting my old family recipes to a gluten free version, but have never been able to duplicate the onion soup. It was so good, my husband panicked when he saw me eating it-- he thought I had finally lost it and was eating the "normal" pot roast! Can't wait to try some of the other mixes and products now that I found the your website. Thanks for making my gf life easier and my tummy happier!

- Barb Fox

Tracey Ginter

We've never tried any products from this site. I'm disabled and aren't able to do as much cooking as I used to, so we eat the same things pretty often. Meals that are simple and easy to prepare. Due to our households low income we rarely buy processed or pre-prepared products.

We would truly enjoy trying some of the products you all carry.

I don't have a picture of my child and myself, so I've included a photo of my girl taken this Halloween.

- Tracey Ginter

Paula Rowe

I found out about Mom's when I was first diagnosed with Celiac. I was soooooo excited that I could eat normal tasting food. I love to go to the Blackfoot fair and taste All the samples (once or twice). Thank you so much for what you do And for your store in IF. I'm making Burger buns right now and love them right out of the oven. I don't feel deprived anymore

- Paula Rowe

Carrie Tolan

Just Order onion soup mix from Amazon. Received you flyer from order, had to order more. My daughter has celiac disease and it is so hard to find gluten free and harder to find foods that taste good. I am so excited to try your products. Can’t wait to surprise her with the soft pretzels! 

- Carrie Tolan

When my young adult daughter visited your store, she was amazed at the selection and emotional at the same time knowing that she could choose nearly anything! We rented an RV and went all through Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons as a family and made so many wonderful meals, but the Chicken Pot Pie was a big hit, but so were the Cinnamon Rolls :)

- Diana Aresu

Ellen-Sue Ryan

I enjoy being able to eat GF foods that look and taste like regular baked goods as well as having my family enjoy them as well.

I enjoy Mom's GF flour as it makes it convenient and easy to bake items.

- Ellen-Sue Ryan

Without a doubt my favorite product is the oatmeal white chocolate chip crazy cookie mix. The crazy must be there for crazy good! These cookies have brought back something I have not had in a long time, the ability to share a treat with my boyfriend and for him to genuinely enjoy it! Not just politely eat the treat my mind is fooling me takes good, and he wants me to not feel like an outsider when I eat. He now asks for these cookies specifically. Thank you for creating something that not only is safe for me to enjoy and is truly delicious, but something so delicious and so "normal" tasting that it is a special moment for my boyfriend and I.

- Katie Kelsch

Audra Meyers

Hello! Oh my goodness, I can have rolls! Cakes! My absolute favorite is the pumpkin bread, soooo yummy. I have many gluten free cookbooks, and nothing I make from them is as good as what you have. Thank you so much for making family meals easier for those of us who have sensitivities and still want to have tasty breads and desserts and everything else that the rest of the fam will eat too!

- Audra Meyers

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease my 2nd year of college. It presented me with having to figure out what I could cook and eat. My options were limited until I found Mom’s Place Gluten Free products. Mom’s Place Gluten Free products have given me the opportunity to eat “normal” great tasting foods. Without these products I was using my own mixtures of different flours and nothing seemed to ever work out right. The textures were always off and things just didn’t taste like they used to. Mom’s Place Gluten Free products changed those weird textures and tastes to things that tasted good and didn’t have a weird texture. Along with that my health has improved and I was able to gain some weight that I wasn’t able to previously. I stayed the same weight from junior high all the way through my second year of college due to having this issue and not knowing it. Overall Mom’s Place Gluten Free products have improved my ability to eat “normally” and feel good.

- Miranda Hope

I have tried many different gluten free items and many have been thrown away, because of the nasty taste. When I tried your products I was amazed how great they tasted. Shopping has become a nightmare, because you have to read EVERY label. You guys have everything in one location, which is a blessing. Thank you so much.


Natalie Kartchner

Having good food that is gluten free and easy is priceless! We've inquired about a franchise, and wish you had a bakery. We love Moms!

- Natalie Kartchner

I have loved using Mom's Flour Blend in all my recipes. One this my daughter and I miss is a good dinner roll. I have been able to bake rolls for us using this flour and they are very satisfying. We also love the sugar cookies. I am trying some new items because I am so pleased with the Flour Blend. Thanks



It has helped me be able to cook for my husband. the food is easy and so good that i can serve it to our family when they come home for dinner .. That is a great blessing to me. Thank you

- Vicky


My 2 year daughter was diagnosed with celiac about 1 mo th ago. I attended the gluten expo in SLC an found moms place.After trying alot of the vendors, moms place was by far hands down best tasting. My daughter, being picky has enjoyed more foods because of you guys. Her stomach pains an runny diapers have ceased to exist an now me an my son are enjoying gluten free an nights of rest bc of your guys recipes. So thank you for creating great tasting recipes.

- ariel

Our daughter enjoys the Moms Place food because it tastes good which much of the gluten free food doesn't.

- Darleen Brown

Megan Ellis

After finding out and buying from about Mom's Place I instantly became a fan, my husband too! I found out that I have a gluten allergy, and my sweet husband has been supportive. We were both so hesitant to try more gluten free products, since a lot of brands don't bring a lot of great flavor, taste, or sweetness. We tried the donuts and wow! We are in love with them. This store has really made us feel better about being gluten free. Also, the staff was very friendly with letting us try different treats!

- Megan Ellis


I really love the cream of soups. I haven't had the chance to use many other products but am waiting for an order of egg roll wraps so I can once again made my own awesome egg rolls for myself and daughter!! yea!

- Debbie

Emily Jelassi

Mom's GF products have given me back the ability to eat fabulous-tasting food - normal food, too! In eating healthier, my sugar levels are way down (close to normal for the 1st time in years!) and I'm just a much happier, less stressed out person. Thank you!!!!

- Emily Jelassi

Kitty Lizarraga

Hello mom's place,
I honestly had no idea that gluten-free food could taste so good until I was introduced to moms place. Both of my daughters have celiac and we have had to change our eating habits completely. Thanks to mom's place each and everyone of our meals taste great!

- Kitty Lizarraga


Love everything so far that I have bought! First when my son was diagnosed it was hard to find GF at the store. By chance I came across this site and thought we'll try it, well worth it. Then a few years later I had another son that was also diagnosed. Now all six of us eat GF and order from here every chance I get.

- Kristy

In October 2015, I attended a GF THanksgiving class at Mom's Place, since I have two GF kids. The owner spoke about the changed molecular structure of wheat, which was so interesting. Then a neurologist spoke about how gluten affects the brain, and how if anyone in the audience has ever had thyroid issues, to get off gluten right away. That person was me! I had post-partum thyroiditis, and haven't been the same since. So I quit gluten that day, and my life is so different! I have so much more energy than ever before! I can exercise more and not have to take a nap just to get through the day. I will never go back to my sluggish gluten days. So, so thankful for that class! I love Mom's Place's cream of chicken soup mix and also the flour mix. It's so nice to have a GF store that is local! And the owner obviously knows her stuff.

- Carrie Snider

Tomato Basil Bread! Love the taste and texture.

- Carol L Bergman

Lucia Remsikova

Since I went on gluten free diet 6 months ago due to my health issues, I started grieving lot of food. I could not eat bread, pasta, crepes, desserts.... I just could not find a yummi substitute. I literally felt depressed. Then I found you. First, I bought crepes mix and made crepes and they were better than gluten ones! OMG! I was so happy. I bought more mixes and bread and pasta, pizza, cakes never tasted better. Thank you, i found my appetite again!!!

- Lucia Remsikova

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had never heard of this, just knew that whatever I was eating was making me sick and I had lost 25 pounds in three weeks. It was very bewildering and all I knew was that I couldn't continue to eat the items I was used to eating. I started out with eating just vegetables, cooked or raw, salads with no dressing and chicken. I was very afraid of anything else. Making bread or pastries seemed like a big chore because the flour did not have the ingredients and you had to measure differently. About a year and a half later I heard of Mom's Place and was pleasantly surprised that I could get a gluten free all purpose flour. It was a miracle. They also had pre-mixed crust, cookies, etc. It was so nice to know of this place. Since that time things have changed, there are more gluten free items but Mom's Place has the best, all purpose, go around shopping. Love it and am thankful for this opportunity to tout it.

- Kathy Thomas

I find the mixes easy to use. Going Gluten Free has been a challenge and these products help me keep on the path to living Gluten Free. I love the gluten free red velvet cake.

- Athene Puppos

I love the fact that there is a great many choices that are availiable. I live in a small urban area and there just isn't a great choice or quality of things to choose from. I love the fact that your products make my life easier and not just add one more step to my cooking!

- Lisa Peterson


Being diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome was a big blow for me, and it started me on a journey of learning a new form of health. PCOS is an endocrine disorder which makes hormones go haywire and causes a form of insulin resistance. In all of my confusion and research, one thing stood out: Gluten Free to reduce inflammation.
Well, Gluten Free was a new idea for me, I had tested negative for celiac in the past, but this was about how my hormones were affected by the inflammation caused by gluten. I wandered into Mom's Place not knowing what to expect or even what I was looking for there. What I found was support and understanding.
Since going gluten free a month ago, I have lost over 5 lbs, felt the fog lift, and have finally felt some return of normalcy in my life. Thank you to Mom's Place for giving me the understanding and products I needed to get my life back on track.

- Kirsten

Having a child that requires being gluten free to be very frustrating when it comes to bread cookies cake etcetera. But thanks to mom's place I can buy gluten-free mixes that work every time and are easy on the pocketbook.

- Donalee peters

Shirley Robinson

Going gluten free was a personal choice for me. Finding Mom's Place was a complete blessing. I truly love the the flavor of all of there products. This would help me in so many ways you would not believe. Thank you for this opportunity.

- Shirley Robinson

Tonya Taylor

I have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Your products have helped me feel like life isn't over. You don't realize how big of a part that food is in your daily life until you have gluten taken away. It affects family dinners,holidays, barbeques, potlucks, etc. You feel like you can't have anything. Your many products have changed that for me. I can now be a part of all the get togethers. Your bread is awsome,way better than anything you can get in the store. The desserts are amazing! Love the cup for cup baking flour. So excited that you have an awesome store in town for quick access. LOVE MOM'S PLACE!!!

- Tonya Taylor

We tried your beef Stew mix. It was delicious. we have lost weight and do not have the enflamation that we had before

- Keith Tweedie

Miki Loveridge

I have tasted many gluten free items that I have thrown away because it was so nasty tasting. When I first found out that I had to go gluten free I cried I love bread & pasta etc. I also hated to go shopping, it took so much longer because I had to read EVERY label. So you changed my life with great tasting items in one place. Thank you so much.

- Miki Loveridge

We are truck drivers and are diabetics and withmoms place gluten free we are able to enjoy foods we normally can't eat on the road plus the smaller sizes are great for the small storage space we have on the truck

- Paula poitra

Love the gluten free products you offer and the freshness and great taste! Great variety and selection! .Thanksgivings, Carolyn Finn

- Carolyn Finn

Dear Robin and all at Moms Place ,

I wanted to thank you for your products and  let you know why they are so important to my family .
Six years ago Aubrey ( age 21  now ) was diagnosed with an illness called  Dysautonomia /  POTS which stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia  syndrome Its an autonomic dysfunction .  so in other words everything  our bodies do naturally like heart rate , blood pressure , digestion , body  temperature   hers doesn't function  properly .  Many of the Drs who specialize  in POTS  say its like having congestive heart failure . 
We are an adoptive family  and Aubrey was also  exposed to fetal alcohol and  cocaine  at birth . 
Then last year she was diagnosed with hashimotos and celiacs disease so  poor girl has both autoimmune and autonomic . She takes 14 different meds  day 3 times a day , she passes out a  lot  as well when her BP drops and her heart rate goes up . In march of last year she and my husband were in a bad car accident  when a texting teen hit them from  behind at 55 MPH  on a freeway .  she and my husband had 6 surgeries  and she is still recovering .  POTS and auto accidents are not a good combination , it has set her back years ! 
Its been a very long hard 6 years and we were struggling big time trying to make meals for our family that were GF. Then my husband and I attended  the GF expo here in Sandy  in the Fall  and we were so discouraged tasting everything, so many were really  awful !  . Then we got  to your booth and we have been using your products ever since. 
Aubrey is getting engaged   this year and its hard on me let alone her to make sense of the recipes  through for instance Bobs Red mill . IMHO you have to be a rocket scientist to add all the various flours to make various recipes  ( this ingredient , that ingredient )  PLUS   we simply do not have time to figure it all out  between the Drs appointments etc . I was really  in tears more times than I care to admit at the   epic fails .  Add to that the horrible  management of this POTS illness to which there is no cure and well you I am sure get the picture ! 
So please know  how much this company has impacted our life for the better and it means the world to me to be able to shop while sitting in a Drs office  and have the merchandise here within one or 2 days ! 
I am going to attach her news story  about POTS that was aired in 2013 and went all over the world. From  that news story we have help start a support group here in Utah .  
Thank you for your time  here are some links for your review
Julie S
News story :

- Julie S.

I am just writing to let you know that I made your Red Velvet Cake this weekend.  It was, without question, one of the best cakes I have had the pleasure of eating.  My family loved it also.  My husband said it was one of the best cakes he’s ever had.  So moist.  Not gritty, like some GF cakes can be.   Just excellent!   I didn’t use the white chocolate frosting and opted to make my own cream cheese frosting, because that is what we like.  But the cake itself was wonderful.

Can’t wait to try the Carrot Cake next!  And then onto the Graham Crackers. 

Thank you.


- Rose

Check out some of our delicious products on A Humble Bumble's Blog!

- A Humble Bumble

My daughter has high anxiety, she would always have stomach pain in the mornings getting ready for school. We new it had something to do with her anxiety but their had to be something we were missing. We took her to a naturopath and she said to try gluten free. We started this journey of being GF when my daughter was nine years old she is now fifteen. We started out on our own buying flours and trying recipes. Couldn't get what we wanted out of textures and flavors. Then I came across moms place on the internet. We came to one of your tasting dinners. I learned so much from you in that one hour. It has changed our lives. Everything we have tried from moms place is delicious and so easy to make. Love love the flour blend. We can make anything with it! No more guessing and experimenting. We are so thankful you have done this. So happy your here in Idaho Falls! Oh and my more stomach pain, no more fog in the brain (A's in school) and a much more even tempered happy person and she's a teenager. Yay!

- Jonie

I want to thank Mom’s Place for coming to Boise’s Expo Idaho- I think in October. I got so excited for their options!! Soup!!! So easy!!! Tortillas!! Oh My Goodness .. I LOVE the tortilla’s – I enjoy making them and really enjoy eating them, I haven’t found any other brand that can even come close. Ssoooo good. Did I say I liked the Tortillas??? Yummy. My son is not Celiac, but also has enjoyed the blends from MOM'sPlace GF. I have been in training and away from home so I haven’t bought much.. But I will now that I am home and able to cook .. If you have not tried Mom’s Flours YOU MUST, really good. The blend is a better taste and structure than others I have tried. They really have our health and TASTE buds at heart .

- KaTy

Hey, I just wanted to say that I have received my first order and have made the Cranberry-orange muffins..which I turned into a loaf instead..and it was phenomenal! I had some fresh cranberries so I threw them in instead of the dried, as I love the tang of the fresh, and I added walnuts. It was beyond belief good. And then I tried the banana bread..again adding walnuts. I am having a hard time actually believing this stuff is gluten free. It is so good. The texture, the taste, the moistness..all off the scale. Finally I can once again make cranberry and banana bread for Christmas and serve it up to everyone gluten free or not and no one.NO ONE will know it's gluten free unless I tell them. I am impressed. I am going to try your bread mix my next order and I'm excited at the prospect of finally having bread worth eating. guys need to get cracking on the other big thing that I miss...Italian bread. What I wouldn't give for a nice crusty loaf of that! matter, I am just so happy to have found you guys. 

Again.many many thanks for developing your wonderful gluten free mixes and foods for those of us who just can't eat gluten. You rock!! Barb Coppins

- Barb

Hello! I just wanted to drop a quick Thank You for the amazing service! You guys definitely make my life easier cooking for my family of Celaic's (husband & kids) I'm super excited to try all the stuff in the Thanksgiving pack, and the Cup of Cakes are the perfect solution to those birthday party invites (and the occasional chocolate craving my daughter gets too!) Thanks again!!!

- Paula

Hi! My name is Sloan and I want to share my success story. I'm 22 years old, and I've been gluten free for a year now. I spent my whole life inside doctors offices being tested for everything from MS to arthritis to chrones, etc. The only thing I ever tested positive for was fibromyalgia. I had a constant headache since the age of 12, seen several chiropractors, 5 physical therapists, nutritionists, etc. I finally just decided that I would have to love in daily pain. I couldn't play sports anymore in high school due to severe stomach cramps I would get after a game that would last anywhere from 6-18 hours. I would double over in pain and scream! Sadly, I thought these were normal symptoms. I just grew up with them. A few of my friends suggested I try a gluten free diet last year, when I was at the end of my rope. The first 5 weeks were horrible! I had sharp and painful headaches, and I always felt hungry. After talking to several GF friends, they informed me that I was going through withdrawals. A friend of mine even went on to say that it's the same type of withdrawal a chain smoker would experience after quitting cold turkey. Wow! After about 5 weeks, the headaches subsided and I started to feel better. I also noticed my fibromyalgia wasn't near as bad. The constant headache and stomach ache that I had decreased. I was finally getting my life back! The gluten free lifestyle was really hard for the first 8 months or so. Even if I would have a few bites of a cookie or a piece of bread, my fibro would come back in full force, making it hard to complete easy tasks like getting dressed in the morning. It would take around 3 days to get back to normal after eating a bite of gluten, so I finally learned that it's just not worth it. Now a year later, I'm pregnant and my only craving is French bread. I finally caved and had 4 slices. That was the only time I have thrown up during this pregnancy. I was sick in bed for 4 days. That just really goes to show you how harmful gluten is! I feel like I finally have my life back, and it feels great! I love the nutritional value of Mom's Place products. Most gluten free products are less healthy because they use "fillers" to try and replace the gluten. It's so comforting to know that I'm getting more protein and whole grains with Mom's Place!

- Sloan

Jana A.

My personal journey to gluten free has been a battle. I began on this journey almost a year ago when my father mentioned that people on the autistic scale can get behavioral benefits if they go gluten free. From an early age we knew something was wrong but never could diagnose it. So thinking that I have a lot of the characteristics of a person with Asperger’s I chose to try gluten free. It was difficult to say the least as the textures were hard to swallow, but within a week he began to notice my mood swings had lessened and I seemed more stable. With this knowledge we went gluten free full force. Gluten free food had strange textures until we discovered Mom’s Place. I had to stop and try to see what it was all about. As I tried the food I couldn’t believe the taste. Even my husband enjoyed the food. From then on Mom’s Place has been a great place to buy things here and there to supplement my taste for “normal” food. Through the journey I have discovered an actual sensitivity to gluten and processed food. I am feeling better than I ever have with IBS symptoms almost gone. I have more energy, have lost weight, and feel more in control. It is not just about a diet change but my life has changed for the better. I am more calm and feeling like a whole new me.

- Jana A.


My daughter has many physical and neurological issues. After visiting another specialist he informed us that it would be beneficial for my daughter to be gluten free. I must say I was dreading going GF. I had tried GF before with her and it was a battle and a ton of work. I also have issues with gluten and really wanted a positive solution. I had a good friend tell me about Mom’s Place, I decided that I would give you a call. I will never forget that first phone call and your offer to help I was so excited. We went out to Mom’s Place and you were amazing, you taught us so much and showed me how we can do GF easily. My family loves all of our GF items that we enjoy from Mom’s Place. The food from Mom’s Place is not the typical GF items you might think of. The products have an amazing texture and taste. We of love all the products, especially the blueberry muffins.

As a result of making this switch we have seen much improvement in my daughter’s overall health especially with her seizures and Raynaud’s. It is easy to be GF with the delicious products you have to offer and the support you give.

I know I have found a company I can trust and food that my family can eat daily and enjoy.

Thank you, Mom’s Place

- Cassandra

I want to thank Mom’s Place for coming to Boise’s Expo Idaho- I think in October. I got so excited for their options!! Soup!!! So easy!!! Tortillas!! Oh My Goodness. I LOVE the tortillas – I enjoy making them and really enjoy eating them, I haven’t found any other brand that can even come close. Soooo good. Did I say I liked the Tortillas??? Yummy. My son is not Celiac, but also has enjoyed the blends from Mom’s Place Gluten Free. I have been in training and away from home so I haven’t bought much. But I will now that I am home and able to cook. If you have not tried Mom’s Flours, YOU MUST, they are really good. The blend is a better taste and structure than others I have tried. They really have our health and TASTEBUDS at heart – I just wish they were located in Boise.

- Katy


Our Gluten Free Story.... I was tested in 2002 with a wheat allergy. I have been battling for a while on being diligent to improve my health. For a lot of years being gluten free has been a roller coaster. Being healthy costs money! Not understanding how it all works, I became very frustrated. I have been lacking my emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs to carry out my everyday life. Eight months ago, I was handed a little business card that had "Moms Gluten Free Place" on it. I called them and asked about attending one of their classes. I sweet-talked my hubby into coming along and we both learned a lot and became more at ease. We felt like we had a wonderful mentor that was loving, understanding, energetic, and thoughtful, and they [the Mom’s Place Gluten Free employees] took the time to help us and improve our health. Thank You!

As of today, it has been a long journey. However, I am happy to say that after making changes, wise choices, and organizing our meal plans, we have felt much better. There is a awesome difference in how we feel and I love watching my family laugh and enjoy waking up to a fresh new day without bending over in pain and feeling yucky!!

We absolutely have been touched and are grateful for Mom’s Place Gluten Free products. They are amazing. We have many favorites. To narrow it down a little: bread mixes, Luscious Lemon Bars, and Beef Stroganoff.

Thanks for helping our family become healthier and happier!! Thanks for also doing a Valentine giveaway!

- Tiffany


I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about a year and a half ago, after feeling sick for quite some time. I was so relieved to have an answer, and to finally start to feel better once I went gluten free.

It is still an ongoing process of elimination, as I am very sensitive and can have reactions even to foods that are labeled “Gluten Free.” Because of my high sensitivity, and continued disappointment in the quality and price of most gluten-free foods, I have lived on a very basic and boring diet. It has been somewhat depressing at times, it’s hard to eat the same few things over and over and not feel like you are missing out.

This past Christmas a dear friend of mine gave me a huge basket filled with a great assortment of items from Mom’s Place Gluten Free’s store. I tell you, it was the best gift ever! I was so excited to have so many new things to try, and even more excited about the ingredients you use! I do not do well on overly processed “fake” foods, and Mom’s Place’s products are not only tasty, but healthy as well. Every day was just such a treat to try something new, and I have LOVED every single item. 

I cannot express how nice it is to sit down with my family, (several of which also have Celiac Disease), for a spaghetti dinner, or to have a piece of bread that actually tastes good. It has been so fun to have big family dinners again that we all can enjoy. My son that has Celiac (and is a total health nut) is over several nights a week for dinner, knowing we have lots of great healthy options.

I don’t know that I can pick one item that is my favorite. The pastas are excellent, and they hold together great even after being in the fridge for a few days. The soups are so great to keep at work for lunches; I have tried several and loved them all. Then there are the breads… Oh the wonderful, wonderful breads. The banana bread and regular sandwich bread is great, love them both. The I Can’t Believe It’s Not Wheat! Rolls are amazing, as well as the biscuits (and I never liked biscuits before!). The recipes are so easy to follow, and everything whips up in no time flat.

I have already placed another large order since Christmas, and plan on coming in again this next weekend. I have told everyone I know that has Celiac about Mom’s Place, and the great quality and value you provide. To some it might just be another “bandwagon” type store, but for those of us that truly suffer from Celiac, Mom’s Place is improving our quality of life.

Thanks so much for your dedication to helping those of us that have Celiac Disease.

- Collette


I've been using Mom’s Place Gluten Free for a couple years now, and was first introduced to them by my own mother who found Mom’s Place at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. At the time I was living in Seattle, where there are endless gluten-free options to choose from, yet the products my mom would send me from my hometown back in Idaho were soooo much better than any of the options I had in Seattle. Who would think that in Seattle with stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods that my favorite items would be the ones from my hometown from Mom’s Place Gluten Free.

At first I was resistant to Mom’s Place products that were baked goods because from my experiences with other gluten-free food (other gluten-free products were higher in carbohydrates and just didn’t taste great). Once I learned more from Mom’s Place about ancient grains, I was convinced I needed to try adding grains back into my diet. January 8th, I began to eat grains solely from Mom’s Place Gluten Free and the results have been great. Not only has my skin cleared up, I have lost nine pounds! You can’t beat eating gluten-free white chocolate chip macadamia cookies, fresh baked bread, and tortillas and losing weight.

- Lisa


I went to a dermatologist with an extremely itchy, red rash on my elbow. My doctor made a bet with me saying it was psoriasis, but it turns out it was the celiac rash. My world stopped for a moment when I had to tell myself my diet was going to be forever changed. I went to work and told my co-workers and they asked what I would be eating for lunch that day. I had no idea what I could eat and what I couldn't eat. I might have skipped lunch that day worrying that I would eat something with gluten in it without realizing it. It was a scary thought of not knowing what I could and could not eat! I felt deprived and sad that I couldn't enjoy the foods I liked. Then I spoke to the employees from Mom's Place. She invited my husband and me over and prepared some items for us that tasted like real food. When I tried the biscuit (for Navajo Tacos), I almost cried because it was like "normal" food. I had tried so many things that were just subpar. They taught me what foods had hidden gluten in them and what key words to look for when shopping. Now I can eat regular, normal, yummy gluten-free food that even my family loves. Many times, they don't even realize they are eating a gluten-free meal. I don't feel limited and deprived anymore.

Thank you so much Mom's Place!

- Paula

"We've been using Mom’s Place Gluten Free mixes for about a year now. We went gluten free for lifestyle change. I was so overwhelmed with the change to our everyday meal prep and I tried some other mixes. I found them to be better than the bread products you could buy in store. Then I tried Mom’s Place Gluten Free and I've never looked back. I can make anything with their flour and I mean anything. I have made desserts so decadent that people say, "I don't care what it's made of, it's the best I've ever had.” My cookies never even get cool before they were gone. Our diet is so much better now, and we feel better. I love all of the products and the intimidation is gone! I really enjoy cooking again!

Thanks Mom's Place!"

- Sherry

I made the best muffins today / I started with the blueberry muffin mix. I used 2 1/2 blackberry Greek yogurts. I used coconut water instead of water. I had just finished juicing and added some of that juice as well, I also included the pulp from juicing. Carrots, cucumber, lime, orange, ginger, zucchini along with some frozen berries. Simply delicious , moist and healthy. The kids loved them and had no idea they were healthy.

- Cassandra

Dear Mom's Place,


We found your products at the Christmas Show in Nampa, Idaho. This morning I made your blueberry muffins and they are amazing!!! If I didn't know it, I wouldn't think they were gluten free. They are absolutely delicious! A great way to start our Christmas!!!

We will be buying more of your products in the near future!


- Sarah

We had the spaghetti noodles the other night and they were FANTASTIC!! My family couldn't tell the difference between your noodles and conventional noodles. Other GF noodles I've tried fall apart and are mushy and inedible once you put them in the fridge for a day.

I made the sandwich bread today. It made my whole week!! Not only does it taste great but the texture is awesome too!! I had some GF French toast at a restaurant and it was like eating a sponge with maple syrup. It was horrible. The sandwich bread I made today is honestly the best GF bread I've ever tasted. I baked the potato rolls last week and they are great too!! And they freeze well which is very convenient.

My mom made the Devils Food Cake for my birthday cake. She overcooked it a little bit so it came out just a little dry but we solved that with homemade ice cream. The taste is delightful. I love German chocolate cake and the coconut frosting so we frosted your cake the with coconut frosting and it turned out really well.

Mom's Place has made it possible for me to eat the foods I love again. I love pasta, bread, and dessert. My diet was restricted and uber bland before but you have given me and my taste buds tons of tasty options!

Up next is the banana bread and chicken noodle soup!

- Jamie

"Mom's Place" produces the absolute best gluten free food….hands down!!!  I choose your products over the “Big Boys” (Glutino, Kinniknnick, Udi’s, etc.) every time!!!  They are so good, that I have to keep the packaging to prove to my Celiac (as well as my non-Celiac) family and friends that the products truly are gluten free. Whenever you introduce a new mix, I never hesitate to serve it at either a family dinner or formal gathering, because I know it will have the same wonderful taste, texture, and quality that I've come to love in ALL of your products.  Thank you for transforming the "worst food group" on the planet to something wonderful and enjoyable again!!!

- Sandy

Too say oh my god is an understatement! This is a must for the upcoming fall holidays. No one will know its gluten free. Its moist and perfect, so tasty. Everyone including my mom who maked from scratch could not believe this was a mix and gluten free! I actually got heck the first time I was seen eating a piece before everyone knew, its that 'real'. Just serve it as pumpkin bread, no one needs to know!!!

- Jen

I have been trying many brands of gluten free rolls for years, these are the first that did not fall apart. And they taste good too! Even after freezing and thawing they still held up and did not crumble away I will be purchasing again

- Jimmy

Ok, figured it was time that I put in my two cents worth. You ladies are AMAZING!!! I have been using your products for almost a year now and absolutely love them. The Mom’s Best Flour Blend is my all time favorite thing. It mixes up well with everything and makes the best Chicken Fried Steak coating. My boys ask to have that so often that I keep getting more flour each week. Not to mention making crepes’ as well. You guys keep coming up with new things that taste just like, if not better, than the regular gluten versions. I recommend you to everyone I know and share(when I want) the products you have. Keep up the awesome work.
Your loyal customer for life,

- Heather

My husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease four years ago. I have invested a lot of time learning to bake/cook things that taste just like what I made before he was diagnosed. Some things were close but not exact in flavor. But now they are starting to taste exactly like they did before....and all because of Mom's Place!! I made Toll House Cookies the other day (decreased the flour from 2 1/4 cups to 2 cups) and they were fabulous!!! Thanks Mom's Place for your Mom's Best Flour Blend. Can't wait to try some other old cookie recipes.

Oh and while I am sharing...............the One Hour Hamburger Buns are to die for!!! And so very easy to make. No starting my dough hours ahead of when I want to have hamburgers!!

- Cathy

I just picked up my 2nd order from Mom’s Place. I absolutely love your products. Everything I have made from the mixes has come out wonderfully. I especially love the Hamburger Bun mix. I am so thrilled I can have a hamburger with everyone else now, even my husband loves these buns, they are really good and they hold up so much better than any other recipe I have tried. They are not dry and crumbly like so many gluten free mixes are. I love your products and will continue to always get my gluten free mixes and products from Mom’s Place. Thank you, Luena Dunn

- Luena

These ladies are amazing! I am fructose intolerant and can't have most grains, nuts, seeds, etc. They were able to make custom mixes for me that are EXCELLENT. They made me: sandwich bread, potato rolls, cookies, pound cake, chocolate cake, and waffles/pancakes. They are constantly thinking of how to tweak recipes so that I can eat them, which is not just excellent business, it really means a lot to me. I haven't been able to eat baked goods for about 9 years; their business has really expanded my diet. They make safe and really delicious mixes-they deserve your business!

- Aria

Mom’s place has the best mixes ever. The first thing we tried was their wonderful white bread. It was incredible and the first piece of bread I’ve eaten plain with butter since I started my celiac diet. My daughter Rachel loves it as well, especially when it makes a grilled cheese sandwich. I prefer it in a turkey club sandwich. Oh, it was tasty. Now the two of us eat the bread fast enough sometimes we go through two loaves in a week. We could probably do more, if I made another loaf.

All the mixes I’ve tried were just as tasty: the cinnamon rolls, the cup-o-cakes.

I have also bought the baking flour mix, and have used it to make muffins, cookies, cake, etc. It is the best baking flour I’ve tried, without leaving behind a weird gluten free flour taste.

Thank you Mom’s Place


Ann Dearden

Rachel Dearden

Satisfied Customers

- Ann

My family made these cookies yesterday. (Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Mix) They turned out perfect! The texture was great! The flavor was great! Thanks for a yummy Saturday afternoon treat!

- Heather

I would feel like gluten-free is a life sentence without you!!! You have made being gluten free so so much easier. Our son would not have the variety in his diet without you!

- Kayla

Dear Mom's Gluten-Free, I made your banana muffins yesterday and they turned out tall, light, golden, fluffy and yummy. I cannot simply follow the directions. I HAVE to change it somewhat. I used two cups of mashed bananas, real butter instead of oil and made them in two sizes: mini and regular. Then I made a gluten-free streusel topping of quinoa flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon which I sprinkled on top before I baked them. They are SO good. I'll be enjoying them, my non-gluten-free husband loves them and extended family in Boise will get to try them next weekend. Thanks, Mom's Place. Your mixes are reliable even for those of us who refuse to follow recipes...just be glad I didn't add garlic...

- Sue

After trying so numerous mixes, from countless GF companies, Mom's Place really stood out to me b/c each mix they offer is excellent. I realized that over the years I have found that company "X" has a great cookie mix, but stay away from their pancake mix, and use company "Y" for the pancakes, but man is their cake mix nasty, ... BUT, everything I've tried from Mom's Place is SO GOOD! And to top it all off, they are totally accommodating! I have 3 allergies, all of which they will custom blend their mixes for me. I LOVE MOM's PLACE!!!!!!

- Susan

Dear Mom's Place, I am writing to thank you for your gluten free products. It had been so exciting to eat cookies and bread again! I changed the flour canister label to Mom's Best Flour Blend. My daughter didn't know and mistakenly used it while making  poppyseed bread. It came out actually better than with regular flour. So I tried it in my Date Nut Bread and it came out great!

Because so many of the family has decided to go gluten free I decided to do a gluten free Thanksgiving. Uing the blend flour in the  gravy and left over bread in the turkey dressing. No one felt it tasted any different. After being sick for 3 years, I feel that Mom's product have helped my stomach heal. Thanks!  Terry and Della

- Terry and Della

Hi, My name is Ofilia. I baked a pie using Mom's pie crust mix. I was positivley beaming that I had made a pie crust, and my husband really liked it and raved about the taste and texture! I tried a couple of their seasoning mixes, the taste is great! I am sold on Mom's Place products.

- Ofilia

I thought Christmas was going to be yet another holiday where I could not eat any of my usual favorites.  But thanks to your cream of chicken soup and cream of mushroom soup, I am able to make my favorite casseroles!  And as far as the idea of pigs and blankets or pizza bites, all I can say is THANK YOU!  What a blesing to have a place like yours to make a girl feel "normal" again!  I will be a regular customer!

- Dana W.

I thought the gluten free bread was great. But the gluten free cinnamon rolls was fantastic!. They taste just like real cinnamon rolls! They are so Delicious! I used the Hamburger Bun Pan Set they are great! It's so fun to watch husband and daughter fighting over the last cinnamon roll. So I guess I will make them again. They are very easy to make. WOW It is so nice to have something that actually taste good. I rate the Cinnamon Buns a A+.

For all you who wanted to know that best Gluten Free place ever is called Mom's Place. They make all the mixes in Idaho Falls. You can order it online only or you can go pick it up for free. They have so many mixes I am so excited to try all of them ! And the price was a pretty reasonable.. thanks mom's place!

- Robine

With a variety of great tasting mixes at affordable prices, my family can all enjoy the same food without having to prepare two separate meals. Directions are simple and easy to follow, my little girl can easily help cook with mommy in the kitchen. Moms Place has made it easier and more enjoyable for my family and I to live a gluten free life style.

- Mercedes

The Gluten Free Wonderful White bread is a BIG hit at our house. It tasted so good and very moist. The only thing I did not like is that the loaf of bread is gone and I should of made two loaves. It taste like normal bread. It was so good. It's so great to find gluten free mixes that taste like real food. :)

- Robine

Wow!!! I cant believe it!!! Mom's Place Gluten-Free LLP. Pancakes are amazing!!!!!! The flavor is better than regular pancakes!! Chris even ate some and didnt know they were gluten free!!! Passed!!! Going to the farmers market to buy more!!

- Candice

Just want to let you know just how much I love your products. I am not gluten intolerant and enjoy eating your products. They are tasty and wonderful.
Your cup o cake is just the perfect snack when you need that something sweet. It is a hit. I look forward to new and tasty products.



- Renae

Just want to let you know just how much I love your products. I started with the snickerdoodles they were so delicious they were gone as soon as they came out of the oven.
Next I tried your taco mix. Can I just tell you how much we enjoyed them. The mix was perfect not too spicy it was just right.
Lastly we tried your cup o cake. What a hit. Oh my goodness I haven't eaten this good in a long time. All your products are delicious!

Thanks so much

- Jennifer H

I just made the Buttery Vanilla Pound Cake, it was delicious. We made strawberry shortcake with it. The whole family loved it. The mix was easy to use, and the results were fantastic, I can hardly believe it is gluten free. Thank You for a fantastic product.

- Rhea C

As a foster mother of a child with Autism we have seen our share of food related behaviors. Recently we have changed his diet in hopes of an improvement in behaviors, awareness and language. As we started to change his diet, going to the store was a nightmare! Everything was so expensive and then taking it home, you wouldn't know if he would eat it or not, or if it even would have decent flavor or taste. Thank heaven's there are small businesses that have taste buds! Our first trial was your Deep Dish Italian Pizza Crust. We bought a pizza for the rest of my gluten edible family from our local Sam's Club and then bought the Pizza Crust from Mom's Place. It took longer to cook then a pizza from the store, but when we were finished, the gluten free pizza disappeared while only one slice of the other pizza even was eaten. Thank you for having taste buds! Looking forward to trying more!

- April H.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how wonderful your products are. I made your "Mom's Best Brownies" and "Grandma's Cinnamon Snickerdoodles" to take to my daughter's club meeting as one of the members is gluten intolerant. Boy, EVERYONE devoured them! They were delicious and no one could tell they were gluten free! They were super easy to make too. Oh and your "Hannah Honey Oat waffles" with your "cinnamon cream syrup" are hands down are the best waffles ever ...gluten free or otherwise! Thanks for your well priced and delicious mixes!

- Diane H

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