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Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cinnamon Swirl Bun Mix
Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cinnamon Swirl Bun MixGluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cinnamon Swirl Bun Mix

Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cinnamon Swirl Bun Mix

Average Rating: 4.9 Stars

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Customer Reviews

Julie B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

These were AMAZING! Wonderful sweet, cinnamon flavor. Sticky and gooey. These are by far the best GF Cinnamon rolls I've come across. Highly recommend!

Anya C
Rating: 5.0 Stars

So yummy!!! To make it 100% dairy free (since the package calls for butter), I just used coconut oil and they were awesome. I haven’t had cinnamon buns in so long and pregnant me had a hardcore craving. This celiac approves!!!

Courtney B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Although they do not look like the picture, this was best GF cinnamon "cupcake" I have ever had. The recipe is great, although I created cream cheese frosting instead of icing. They were the perfect birthday treat. I have celiac and I had no issues and my husband (flour friendly) loved them. He said he wouldn't have known they weren't made with "flour". So a hit with both of us. We will be ordering more from you as this is the best I have had so far.

Kris C
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Wonderful breakfast on Thanksgiving morning that the whole family enjoyed.

Maureen D
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Really tasty. I used the cupcake pan and wrappers. Would love to be able to make half the quantity as the whole family doesn’t eat gf. Happy to find these!

Barb R
Rating: 5.0 Stars

What a treat ! I enjoyed every bite -- couldn't have made them myself. Thanks !

Cara R
Rating: 5.0 Stars


Fifi Rodroguez
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Soooooo perfectly good. Easy to make, too. Whole family loved them, even those who don't eat GF! So glad I purchased 2 right off the bat. Will 100% be ordering this again. Highly recommend.

Laura F
Rating: 4.0 Stars

These were very good. The best GF ones we have tried yet.

Tia S
Rating: 5.0 Stars

These were so tasty!!! We always have Cinnamon buns for Christmas and this allowed us to keep the tradition with our new dietary restrictions. The company is beyond amazing and I look forward to trying more products.

Angela D
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Absolutely delicious! Chewy and flavorful!

Lisa B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Taste just like cinnamon rolls

Tina H
Rating: 5.0 Stars

So good! Even days later!! Couldn't get the dough to rise until it started to bake though. But so good!!

Certified Gluten-free
Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
Natural - No preservatives
Verified by the Celiac Disease Resource Center