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Gluten Free Dye Free Food Coloring – 4 Pack

Gluten Free Dye Free Food Coloring – 4 Pack

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Derived from pure vegetable juices & spices this food coloring is naturally FREE from any artificial FD&C colors. Any other dye free coloring options involve fussy powders that are difficult to mix, but our easy-to-use liquids take the Cake!! Just a drop of color brightens up frostings, cakes and more!

Net Weight: 1.2 oz

Red: Glycerin, invert sugar, water, vegetable juice, citric acid, potassium hydroxide.
Yellow: Glycerin, water, polysorbate 80, turmeric.
Green: Water, glycerin, polysorbate 80, trehalose, spirulina extract, turmeric, sodium citrate.
Blue: Glycerin, water, trehalose, spirulina extract, sodium citrate.

Certified Gluten-free
Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
Natural - No preservatives
Verified by the Celiac Disease Resource Center