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Gluten-Free Chicken Bouillon

Gluten-Free Chicken Bouillon

Average Rating: 5.0 Stars

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Customer Reviews

Jo Ellen J
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Wonderful bullion. I’m happy I found this gluten free option.

Anne H
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Love this! It makes excellent soup. I also add it to gravy and sauces. My celiac adult son tried it out in his cooking when he was visiting and absolutely loved it as well.

Joanne S
Rating: 5.0 Stars

I purchased this again for my Mom. She stated that this Mom's product has the best chicken flavor!

Alyssa L
Rating: 5.0 Stars

I wish there wasn’t corn syrup in this, but besides that-it is great! It is hard to come by a certified bouillon. This is a great size that should last for some time too. Already made ramen with this and it was tasty!

Certified Gluten-free
Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
Natural - No preservatives
Verified by the Celiac Disease Resource Center