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Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Mix

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Mix

Average Rating: 5.0 Stars

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5.0 Stars

My husband is the king of carrot cake in our home, and is not GF. I made this mix and had him judge it compared to his carrot cake recipe. He ranked this a 10 our of 10 and says it's better than his recipe - which is saying a lot coming from him! It was soft and yummy. The frosting was a little sweet for me, so I just didn't eat as much of it. My husband and kids benefited from my loss though :)

Julie Randall
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Love this cake. Not dry and crumbly like a lot of other gluten free products

Linda A
Rating: 5.0 Stars

To die for carrot cake!! And gluten free. My suggestion is to add more white chocolate and carrots. Really yummy and can be frozen for later consumption.

Megan S
Rating: 5.0 Stars

This is my third purchase of this mix. It’s delicious. It has fast become a family favorite.

Mary S
Rating: 5.0 Stars

This is now my favorite cake! I was however slightly disappointed that it wasn’t a layer cake like the photo on the website shows. But it’s a great tasting cake. If you didn’t tell anyone it was Gluten Free, they would never be able to tell the difference it’s that perfect!

Maryjo B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

OMG this is by far the most AMAZING carrot cake I have ever had! It stayed moist for days! I kept the icing on the side and actually preferred the cake without the icing. Even my 12 year old daughter loved it! Super easy to make too.

Hannah S
Rating: 5.0 Stars

This is the best frosting!! It's creamy and it's the perfect sweet! Put this on top of the carrot cake - heavenly!

Kathleen T
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Made this into muffins and took a couple to friends who know I have celiac. Absolutely fabulous reactions!! One gal said it was the best carrot cake she’s ever had!! I agree!! Incredible!!

Robin R
Rating: 5.0 Stars

We made the Carrot Cake for my daughter's birthday, and she doesn't require Gluten Free, but me as her mom has Celiac, so she wanted to have a cake I could have with her.

We serviced 8 people for my daughters birthday dinner and EVERYONE loved it. So moist and delicious. My husband even loved it with the frosting and he usually scrapes the frosting off of cakes, but he even admitted this was really the best Carrot Cake he had ever had.

I just placed the re-order and praying it will get here in as good of time as the last one. My son is coming with his wife for Thanksgiving next week from California, and Carrot Cake has always been my son's favorite cake.
Thank you, Thank you, and did I mention THANK YOU!!!!!!

Robin B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

We served this to 8 guests for mt daughters birthday. Voted Best Carrot Cake they ever had even better than recipes with gluten. My husband normally never eats frosting and he ate every bite frosting and all.

Gloria H
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Love love love this carrot cake. This is my go to cake mix for birthdays. Everyone loves it and are very surprised when I tell them it’s gluten free.

Dawn A
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Y’all... this cake is so good that I almost don’t want to share it with anyone! The frosting has such a delicious taste to it with the white chocolate added in. Cake is moist and not gritty. Love, love, love it!

Emily B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Best carrot cake I ever had!

Barbara E
Rating: 5.0 Stars

great cake no one knew it was GF

Nonyarae K
Rating: 4.0 Stars

I like this cake it needed more eggs than it called for but it was very flavorful

Karen R
Rating: 5.0 Stars

I bought this a few years ago at a GF Expo in St. Pete and loved it. I held onto the business card in hopes of ordering it again. I placed an order and made it the other day and it tasted even better than I remembered. Although, next time I would take out the pineapple. It didn't take away from the taste, just didn't like biting into the pineapple in the cake. Thank you for making such a great tasting cake. We will definitely order it again!!

Melissa C
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Oh my goodness this is the best cake ever. I wish my budget allowed me to order all cakes mixes and other stuff from here. This is the best you won't be disappointed!!

Brittney W
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Warning. Baking any Mom's gluten free mixes under quarantine with 2 adults in the house, is DANGEROUS.
This carrot cake was irresistible and may have served as my breakfast on a few occasions.

Melissa Chester
Rating: 5.0 Stars

This cake was amazing I ate the whole thing over time I did not share! I would highly recommend.

Cheryl B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Absolutely delicious! My son who is not celiac and can be very judgmental when it comes to GF products LOVED this carrot cake. I bought another to have on hand!

Rating: 5.0 Stars

Guests cannot tell this is GF. A favorite of our family!

Jennifer C
Rating: 5.0 Stars

I have not had carrot cake since I had to go gluten-free. This cake was so delicious. My daughter who is also gluten-free loved it also. My family all enjoyed it even those who are not gluten free. It was very moist.

Stephanie M
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Sent this to my friend for her 70th birthday. She hadn’t had her favorite dessert since she went gluten free. She added some pineapple and shredded carrots and she and everyone who ate it confirmed it was the best carrot cake . It made her birthday celebration special to have carrot cake again

Rating: 5.0 Stars


Kathy K
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Very delicious! Even my husband who is not GF cannot tell the difference. Very moist and flavorful.

Rating: 5.0 Stars

This was outstanding. I gave some to a true carrot cake lover who told me three times how good it was! So easy too. I immediately ordered two more packages. Oh, and the buttercream frosting with the cream cheese addition was awesome.

Cathleen B
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Amazing cake!
I had my doubts when mixing it as the batter was very thick. But it rose nicely in the oven.
This cake melts in your mouth. We could not tell the difference from a regular carrot cake. So flavorful and moist.
If you've been missing carrot cake in your life, this was made for you.

Barbara P
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Very good, ordered 2 more right away.

Rating: 5.0 Stars

This cake is delicious! I made it with the cream cheese icing and this tastes just like the homemade carrot cakes that I made prior to being diagnosed with celiac. You could take this to a potluck dinner and no one would know that it is gluten free.

Barb R
Rating: 5.0 Stars

Moist, delicious, perfect-for-the-holidays cake !!!

Certified Gluten-free
Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
Natural - No preservatives
Verified by the Celiac Disease Resource Center