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Mom's Bucks Rewards Program

For every $25 you spend per order (excluding sales tax), you earn $5 Mom’s Bucks. During redemption months, you then redeem your Mom’s Bucks - for every $10 you spend (excluding sales tax), you can use $5 Mom’s Bucks, up to a 50% savings!!

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Dates you can earn and redeem Mom's Bucks

Mom's Bucks Earning MonthsMom's Bucks Redemption Months
February - June July
August - December January


Mom's Milestone 25

For every 25 unique products / skus you order, you'll receive a free item! What “Milestone” have you reached? How soon will you receive your next freebie? Log into your account now to see the # of unique products you've tried! Take a look at our product list and see all the opportunities to increase your "number." Every time you reach a new milestone 25-50-70-100, etc. you'll receive a FREE item in your order.

Milestone rewards can only be claimed during non-Mom's Bucks redemption months.


Mom's Customer Referrals

Help us spread the word about our delicious Gluten Free products! When you refer us, be sure to have that person mention your name and email in their order, and you'll automatically get a $5 credit! It's our way of saying thank you for getting the Mom's Place word out there!