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Gluten-free Eating
Events and Features


Easter Basket Special

Dear Customers-- Let us Simplify your Easter Dinner! Easter Sunday is April 20th & we are celebrating with a Discounted Gluten Free Easter Basket (Dinner)! Available only through April 15th! This includes 14 of our top-selling products - 2 lbs. of Mom's Flour Blend (1), "Can't Believe it's Not Wheat Rolls"(1), Vanilla Pudding (2), Pie Crust (2), NEW! Honey & Brown Sugar Ham Glaze (1), Onion Soup Mix (1), Cream of Soups--Mushroom...
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Gluten-Free Intolerance or Celiac Group Leader

Gluten Free Groups

Are you a Gluten Free Intolerance or Celiac Group Leader? Mom's Place wants to know who you are! Or do you attend a group that you enjoy? Send us information about your group. You never know, you might recieve brochures, coupons or give aways! Please send: a. Your Gluten Free/Celiac Group Name and Location b. The name of your Group Leader c. The address and email address of the Group Leader to momsplace@momsplaceglutenfreecom Thank...
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March Madness Brings 18 New GF Products!

March Newsletter

Dear Customers- March Madness is upon us and so are eighteen (18) NEW mouth-watering hard-to-find Gluten Free products! Newest Product announcements >GF Graham Crackers (or) Cheesecake Crust! Its gluten-free, milk-free & soy free! The texture is so amazing our testing panel said, "they are significantly better than regular graham crackers!" Only $6.49. Makes a huge batch or up to 4 cheesecakes! > GF Corn Dogs & Cheese Stick Mix! Finally the flavor & texture...
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February Contest Winners! And Receive a FREE Red Velvet Cake!

Red Velvet Free

Dear Customers-- Just in time for Valentine's Day. NEW! Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting is ready to be unveiled. but would you like an entirely FREE one placed into your next order? For all online orders over $75 placed before February 28th, we'll include one entire delectable Red Velvet Cake w/ frosting for FREE! Supplies are limited, so place your order now to be amongst the first consumers...
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February Newsletter--Valentine's Day and Gluten-Free. Made for each other.

Valentine's Day Contest

Dear Customers-- February is all about you! Contest, Discounts & New Products! Enter to win a Valentine's Makeover--today! "Mom's Place GF Story" Contest… Enter in the next 7 days! It's Valentine's month & we're giving away the perfect Valentine's Pamper Pack… at a local Salon -- this Pamper Pack includes: a complete Hair Cut, Style & Manicure. Just in time for your Valentine's date! 1st place--Valentine's Pamper Pack 2nd place--Valentine's Product Pack...
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January Newsletter

Jan Newsletter

Dear Customers, As the New Year approaches, isn't it time to recommit to a healthier you and learn why being proactive for your family could help prevent future health complications? Here are some facts about gluten free you should know. Did you know… A significant reason for many health conditions today are because the "wheat" people consume is a cross-modified version of the original wheat strain we consumed 50-60-70-100 years ago. The first advice...
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Dairy Replacement Tips

Easy replacements for dairy

Dairy Replacements for Recipes Butter - replace with Earth Balance Buttery Sticks or Shortening Buttermilk - replace with So Delicious Coconut Kefir Half & Half or Heavy Cream - replace with So Delicious Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer or Soy Coffee Creamer Cream Cheese - replace with Tofutti Cream Cheese Shredded Cheese - replace with Daiya Shredded...
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Black Friday Specials


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Grain Chart

Grain Chart

Here is a chart to help you know how much water to add to which type of grain for the desired amount! To 1 cup of this grain Add this much water or broth: Bring to a boil then simmer for: Amount after cooking: Amaranth 2 cups 20-25 minutes 3 1/2 cups Barley, hulled 3 cups 45-60 minutes 3 1/2 cups Buckwheat 2 cups 20 minutes 4 cups Bulgar 2 cups 10-12 minutes 3 cups Cornmeal (polenta) 4 cups 25-30 minutes 2 1/2 cups Couscous, whole wheat 2 cups 10 minutes 3 cups Kamut grain 4 cups Soak overnight, then cook...
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October Newsletter

Product Discounts, Classes, Recipes, & New Products

Dear Customers, Remember to stock up with some Gluten Free products for the upcoming Holidays & receive an exclusive Stuffing Recipe! Special Discounted Thanksgiving Pack… All in one (includes Gluten-Free Stuffing Recipe!) We have a discounted Thanksgiving Product Pack. It includes 14 of our top-selling products--"Can't Believe it's Not Wheat Rolls", BEST Bread, Corn Bread (2), Pie Crust (2), four (4) cream of soups--mushroom, chicken, onion & celery, Chicken Bouillon (6 oz)...
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Best of 2013 Award

2013 Award Winners

Here is a Press Release Letter we recieved for winning the Best of 2013 Award for Health and Diet Food Products. Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mom's Place Gluten-Free Receives 2013 Best of Idaho Falls Award Idaho Falls Award Program Honors the Achievement IDAHO FALLS September 11, 2013 -- Mom's Place Gluten-Free has been selected for the 2013 Best of Idaho Falls Award in the Health & Diet Food Products category by the...
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Blog #19

Dear Customers-- All of us here at Mom's Place Gluten Free (GF) hope you had a wonderful Father's Day! As the new owner of Mom's Place GF, I've had Celiac Disease now for over 12 years. If there's a GF product on the market, I've tried it. I've eaten (things that tasted like) sawdust, dirt, rubber shoes, & I think I even swallowed a sponge once! :-) I also know how...
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August Newsletter

Dear Customer's, Eating gluten-free isn't always the easiest, here at Mom's Place Gluten Free we try to ease your burden a bit. Our products are all 100% gluten-free as we produce everything in our exclusive gluten-free manufacturing facility. When someone first starts eating gluten-free it's likely hard to find replacements for all the things you used to eat and it can be expensive. That's why at Mom's Place we utilize only...
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July News - Paying it Forward

Our July newsletter about GF classes, product testing, and other helpful info!

Note: This was sent out as our July newsletter. It has some great thoughts and information, so we wanted to post it here for you! Do you remember when you first decided to eat Gluten Free? Whether by lifestyle choice or medical necessity, you probably (at first) thought, well now what?!? Some of you struggled along while other had friends or family or (hopefully) Mom's Place GF products, recipes, blogs and tips that...
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Gluten-free can be a lifestyle for anyone!

Gluten-free eating has many benefits, even if you don't have a gluten intolerance.

As you may know, gluten-free living has become popular recently. While some people are calling it the next "fad" diet, there are still many benefits to becoming gluten-free for those who do not have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Here at Mom's Place, we believe that gluten-free is a lifestyle, not a life sentence.  We also believe that ANYONE can choose this lifestyle for a happier, healthier life. So why should...
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